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ABOUT spencer

Behind the Lens

hi there, 

I'm spencer

I know this is the part where I'm supposed to say I've loved photography my whole life and grew up with a camera in my hand, but for me that's not true. 
I never found a career I was passionate about before having children, and it was always something I yearned for. I adored staying home with my girlies, but I needed a creative outlet and way to serve others. I woke up one morning in 2019 and realized this was it, I wanted to be a photographer.

I bought my first real camera, crammed in all the education I could find, then jumped right in and started my own business. Within a couple months of me picking up a camera for the first time, I was fully booked and photographing 15+ families and newborns a month. 

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to use my talent as a photographer to serve and love on others. 

my favorite things:


my family

My handsome hubby, Bobby, our daughters Hudson (6) and Hayes (4), and our brand new baby boy August.



I'm a true Pisces, and am in my element when I'm creating something beautiful. Interior design, arranging fresh flowers, painting, crafting with my girlies, you name it! 



Santorini, Greece, with Positano, Italy as a close second! I also LOVE 30A... and anywhere in the Caribbean!


guilty pleasure

true crime podcasts. oregon pinot noirs. mexican food. buying myself flowers from trader joe's.


part of my job

making  mamas feel beautiful and watching my client's families grow over the years.


my happy place

Somewhere warm and sunny with my sweet family.



Head over to instagram to see all of our latest work, behind the scenes of SLP, and the beautiful artwork we create for our clients. 

giving back

 If you were to ask the people that know me best, they would tell you I have a huge heart for service. It's one of the reasons why I love photography so much. Being able to give back to our community, and using my talent as a photographer to help others is so important to me. Since I started my business in 2019, I've donated over $15,000 to some of my favorite local charities and organizations. 

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